June 8, 2011

Shots Today

Ohhhh, that message brings back memories of all of those injections I did last year. It's almost been one year since my IVF cycle. Those shots never bothered me. The first one sucked, but after that it was really smooth sailing. I remember Mr. Later Than Most's inspiring words on injection day two. . . "Someday you'll tell your kid what you did to get him/her." Well, it did make me laugh at the time, but as most of you know, people still don't know about our infertility. I have about two friends in real life who know, other than that, not even family.

So back to my title. . . Shots Today. Well, Brooklyn is two months old. TWO MONTHS. Holy crap. That means I've been in survival mode for two months. Hahahaha. I can't believe how big she is getting. Today when she woke up she was talking and talking. Yesterday I told Heather that I was stuck inside (due to the heat) with "Miss Chatterbox." Of course they aren't real words, but she certainly thinks they are! This afternoon we'll go for her two month shots. Ugh! So not looking forward. I do have Mr. Later Than Most meeting me there. Yes, he can hold her during the shots and then when she cries, he can pass her to me. Then she'll think I'm the good one! Hehehehehe.

Okay, I may have said this before but I'm just going to put it out there again. I hate staying home. Yup, I know I'm totally weird. I'm very glad that Mr. Later Than Most doesn't want me to be a stay at home mom, because I have no idea what I would do. I remember everyone telling me, "You wait until that baby is born. You'll wish you were staying home." Um, no. Don't get me wrong, I love Brookie to death, but holy smokes these are the longest days of my life! I truly think it's her age. I bet at this time next year I'll wish I was on the long leave that I'm on right now. I dunno. But, I'm sure there is some girl reading this right now who feels the same way as me. Now, both of us know that we are not psychos.

Well, looks like I'll owe an update and let you know how the appointment goes. I'm trying to figure out if I have any questions for our doctor and I don't! Wow! There's a first!


Katib77 said...

You're not a psycho BBC! And while I may still be waiting for my miracle - My 2 BFF's both had babies at the same time...one is SAHM the other chose to go back to work. THey both equally love their daughters but did what was right to make them sane so they could be great moms! Don't worry about what people think, think of what will make you most happy...and it's not like you can't later change your mind if you want.

BBColt78 said...

Thanks Kati!