June 25, 2011

I'm an Old Pro

I can't believe I went this long without posting. Time is just flying by and I've been keeping busy. S and I have been spending several days a week together. I pack up Brooklyn and head over to her house. She's got all kinds of fun baby stuff, considering she has twins. We have a fun time just chatting and taking care of our girls. When I can, I try to lend her a hand so she can just carry one baby around the house. Sometimes if B is sleeping, I can help her feed one of her girls. The only problem is that we spend a lot of time on Amazon ordering things for our girls. We tell the girls we are "playing secretary." S made that up and I think it's just plain hilarious!

I also have another friend who has a 4 week old. I've seen her about once a week so far and we just hang out at her place or mine. I show her the ropes of what I know and she just loves my advice. The other day I made her swaddle her little girl and now that baby is sleeping much better :) I'm an old pro.

I'm also an old pro at taking care of my own baby. I've gotten over the hump, I think. I can't really explain it but more like you go through an adjustment period and now I feel like I'm done adjusting. In a good way though! Hahahaha. Actually, tonight I type from my couch as B is fast asleep and Mr. Later Than Most is in Wisconsin at a concert. He'll be back in the morning. Yes, I just said in the morning. They were going to have drinks and well, we all know it's a very bad idea to then drive, so they are sleeping up there. I don't think I was exactly ready to spend the night alone, but I can do it. When I doubted myself I thought of my poor girlfriend whose husband left her. She's 30 weeks pregnant and he decided the married life wasn't for him. He left about 10 weeks ago. So, as I sit here doing it on my own, I think of how she's going to do it on her own every day and it doesn't seem so bad.

So, I had decided to store those two embryos we have. The only thing is that we've just gotten $400 in doctor bills for Brooklyn, so now I need $900 instead of $500. I have the money, that's not the problem. The problem is I just keep thinking, "Do we need them?" It's another mind game that I guess is part of the whole infertility fun. My plan is to store them for the year, and next year I'll make a better decision. Sometimes I look at B and think there is no way I'm having another. She is such a GOOD baby. She's always happy and is literally sleeping 10 hours a night. I hate to even type that for a fear of jinxing it. On the other hand, I looked at videos of her as a tiny baby and just love that little baby. I can't imagine never getting to see a little baby like that again. She was so freaking cute with her little bobble head. Actually, she's still kind of a bobble head but now she's really long :)

Of all of my infertile friends, most of them are finally pregnant. All of them with the help of modern science, but they are there. Christina's little girl is due in August. You remember her. . . she was on TLC's Conception Story which I talked about way early on. Heather, my BFF from TWW just found out she's having a girl. She's due in December. Of course, there are many others that I've met along the way that have recently had babies as well. I do have two friends IRL though that are struggling and I think of them all the time. One is about to start IUI with injectables and the other is about to begin IVF #3. Hopefully those girls can get some good news someday here soon.

Thanks for reading!

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