June 11, 2011

2 Month Appointment, Check!

Brooklyn's two month appointment went well. She's getting so big. She is in the 90%ile for height and was 23 3/4 inches at her appointment. She was 20 1/2 at birth, so she is really doing some growing! She weighed 10lb 12 oz and that put her in the 50%ile for weight. She checked-out well and even smiled the doctors and nurses several times. You'd think they get sick of that sort of thing, but they went goo goo gah-gah over it. I wish they'd quite telling us how cute she is though, it's starting to go to Mr. Later Than Most's head.

Shot time was a little more rough. She had two in one leg and one in the other. Two nurses came in to give Brooklyn her shots and they did them at the same time. Brooklyn got all red and screamed for about thirty seconds. She calmed right away when we gave her bottle and there may have been a faint promise of a pony. That was obviously a rookie mistake. Good thing she can't talk to remind us of that moment.

I did ask them about her male pattern baldness and if they thought she would ever get hair. Of course I know she will but I had to crack a couple of jokes. Don't worry, I made sure the doctor had plenty of hair before making that comment.

So, after her shots, Brooklyn has been sleeping a ton. I'm talking three hour naps for the girl who never naps. For instance, right now she's been sleeping for two hours. I have my coat and shoes on to head out, but she's fast asleep in her crib.

One thing I noticed that is Brooklyn has become a bit of a chatterbox. She is constantly babbling about something. I'm worried she'll turn out to be like me. It seems that may be the first indication. Maybe when she starts typing I'll give her a blog. Oh, yes I put her on the computer already. One day I took a picture of her on my FaceBook homepage and posted it to my profile. I titled it "Checking the Book." She was about 4 weeks old. Ha!

My research has not turned to figuring out how to get this kid baptised or christened when Mr. Later Than Most and I are not church goers. Not that we don't want to be, we just haven't gotten around to it. When we got married we got married outside on a golf course and had one of those officiants that you just pay for. Believe it or not, they do the same things for babies. So, I either need to look into that route or find a church that we will start going to. That's my next quest!

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