July 3, 2014

Less Than a Week to Go...39 weeks

And the end is near! Most pregnant woman are dying to get their baby out. They are sick of the swollen ankles, sore back and giant stomach. I commonly hear, "I can't wait for this to be over."

Pregnancy has been good to me...twice. No swollen ankles, ever. No back pain. I sleep a full night with a few bathroom interruptions. I'm never really uncomfortable. My life is the exact same, with a basketball as a stomach.

The end of pregnancy is rough only because I know this is more than likely the last I'll experience. I'm thankful for all of the experiences and friends that infertility has brought me. I would say to "us" but Mr. LTM is just thankful for the babies. He hasn't made the friends and connections that I have.

Infertility sucks. There are still so many girls out there who just cannot catch a break and reach the point of getting a "take-home" baby. I sometimes challenge the way things happen. I don't understand why a woman who wants nothing more than a baby, can't have one. I was there, and it sucks the big one.

Today at at my regular check-up Miss B and I both melted at the sight of a newborn baby in the doctor's office. B continuously told the parents how cute their baby was. That little squishy face made me realize that this pregnancy can be done... I want to see my little girls' face!

As for appointments... flying colors again today. NSTs are great, my blood pressure stays around 112/72, no real contractions (that I feel!) and no swelling. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

This weekend is the last weekend that we will be a family of three. I have an induction schedule for July 10th at 8pm. One more week, max.

Part of me hoped that today would be the big day. Today was my grandmother's birthday. She was one of my favorite people until cancer stole her from us about 10 years ago. My mom called to remind me that if I went today, it would have been "mom's" birthday (that's what we called her!). But, she also shared that the 4th was great-grandma's bday, so there is still hope! Ha!

One week to go!

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