June 20, 2014

Week 37

Seeing the doctor every week for this long is a little comical. I feel like we are best friends. This week I had to take Miss B with me. Luckily she's rather well behaved. When I have to pee in a cup I distract her. She hold like five of the Castille Soap wipes (unopened of course) and tries to weight them on the scale. She also likes to weigh in herself. I'm proud to announce that she is up 1lb 2 oz since she went to my 32 week appointment. Little peanut.... three years old and weights 29 lbs 2 oz.

As for momma, I'm weighing about 24lbs more than I did when I started out. I only gained about 19lbs withe B, but never ate as much ice cream as this. LOL

I got all strapped up to the NST and Brooklyn sat near me with her iPad. She made sure to tell the nurses that we were there for a baby appointment and not for a Brookie appointment. She also let the nurse know that she wears headphones with the iPad so it's not to loud for the other people. When she told the doctor that story, he was hysterical.

During the NST I like to peek at the monitor and see what's going on. I was slightly surprised to see contractions registering at 75-80 but I didn't feel anything. Baby girl looked good and moved around a ton as usual. When the doctor came in he was slightly surprised at three contractions that took place during the twenty minute test. He joked and said, "Maybe I'll see you in labor and delivery tonight!"

Hold up! WTF????? Oh no he didn't. I laughed and told him I had three weeks left and I'm busy. He laughed harder and said that past 37 weeks, this show can happen any day. Yes, yes, I Google stuff, I know that.

So B and I came home and I started getting all that shit done on my To-Do list:
  • stock changing talbe (check)
  • stock a living room supply of baby stuff (check)
  • organize the baby formula and baby food cabinet (check)
  • get Brooklyn's Big Sister present ready (check)
  • get Brooklyn's Big Sister outfit ready (check)
  • get the baby gift ready from Brooklyn to baby (check)
  • make padcicles (check)
  • buy or make water wipes for baby (bought and check)
  • vacuum my car and make it look nice (check)
I still need to sterilize bottles and get the car seat into the car, but that's easy stuff. So we are pretty much on our way to being prepared.

Brooklyn is very excited about her new sister. She includes her (by name) in conversations and refers to her as "my baby." She can't wait til baby is bigger so they can "share a room for sleepovers." This all sounds good but I was scouring Bump posts yesterday about siblings and I'm kinda scared. Pretty much not one person from the June 13 board said their child was behaving rather normal. Lots of anger and aggression going on. When I read all of that, it reminded me that I'm on the internet reading shit way too much!

Ok, I need to take some real maternity photos! Mr. LTM did them last time, so hopefully we can squeeze them in this weekend. Here is an unofficial bump photo for week 37:

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