July 6, 2014

T-Minus 3 Days

I'm looking at that ticker and it says there are three days until our little girl gets here. Today I was gone for a few hours and when I got back, Mr. LTM said he was freaking out a little. Poor men. The reality of kids starts to hit them right when the shit is about to hit the fan. Sure it's been real until now... he's been working on "Honey Do" lists for awhile. But once that date gets near, BAM!

I dunno, I just figure bringing home your second is easier than your first. I mean, we already know mostly what to expect. And B was a great, great baby so we assume this one won't be. When you bring home your first baby, it's kind of a life shocker. They change everything. What you thought you knew, you actually don't know.  You suddenly blend your life style with theirs and just function.

This time I figure baby comes home and fits in to how we are living. Sure we need to adjust schedules and expectations, but I'm setting myself up for any easy life with two kids. And, in about a month, one of you may kindly redirect me back to this post. :)

Speaking of posts, I'm about to go back and read my posts that exist from the time I was ready to deliver Miss B. Not that I want to be reminded of that horrible and painful delivery, but why not?

Don't worry dear reader, I have Blogger on my cell phone so I'll at least post a one sentence update when baby comes. My tracker says the page gets about 35 visits a day, so I better post something!

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