July 21, 2014

PP Rubbish, Mr. LTM, and She's 10 Days, and More Kids

How's that for a title? I figured if I put everything in the title, I'd be able to remember what in the world I wanted to write about.

Post Partum Rubbish:
Hormones suck the big one. Actually I'm feeling much better today at 10 days PP than even just a few days ago. Adjusting to a new routine is hard for anyone. Like when Miss B was born, it's hard to get the regular stuff done in a day. Paying bills, laundry and keeping up the house is a challenge. Everyone says to let the chores go and enjoy the time, but it's hard to enjoy my couch with little b when the living room is a disaster. Each day I'm trying to keep things cleaned up to a minimum, just to where I'm comfortable. That helps prevent meltdowns... on my part. Not Miss B or Little b.

Night time anxiety was an issue when I had Miss B. I remember being paranoid every night. I wondered when I would sleep and how the night would go. I have that this time again. The only weird thing is I have that but I'm sleeping all night. Mr. LTM takes care of Little b, so you'd think I have nothing to worry about. So random.

Mr. LTM:
Where did I find this guy? Well, the real answer is Target, but seriously. He's truly holding the house together. He does all of the night feedings while I get sleep until I'm back to 100%. Now, yes that's amazing of him, but while he sleeps during the day, I have Miss B and Little b to take care of. Not an easy challenge! Either way, it keeps the night anxiety to a minimum.

So the other day I ran to the grocery store. I come back and Mr. LTM has both kids napping, he did the dishes and he's in the shower. WTF???? I sometimes can't get dressed with the two of them. One is crying and the other one getting into trouble! How in the heck does he do it? I will say that while he's not working his thinking is more clear and he acts like the MR. LTM I met 17 years ago at Target. I hate his current job. I wish he'd switch to something he liked so he wasn't always stressed out. It's been so nice hanging out every day.

She's 10 Days:

So 10 days old already! Little b is already more aware. She's jumps to the sound of our voices and looks for us when she hears us. She also seems to really enjoy books already. Miss B was the same exact way. Yesterday she had a hold of her paci and was waving it all about. I noticed she is looking at my mouth when I'm talking too. I completely remember Miss B doing the same thing.

We call Little b "dino baby." She eats so much and so often. We feel like she makes dinosaur noises so the name fits. I'm dying to buy her the Aden and Anais dinosaur blanket but it looks like it's more for boys. We feed Dino baby about every two hours and she's up to 3oz of formula on a regular basis. This kid will be 14lbs by Christmas. Miss B is over three years old and barely weighs 30. They are already so different.

Miss B is a good big sister. She's definitely trying to adjust to her new life. There has been lots of talking back and acting out. We've been using a positive behavior system with her and that seems to help. In two days we are taking Little b to our babysitter so we can spend the day with Miss B. She's really into dinosaurs lately so we are thinking of going to either the Field Museum or the beach. She's also very into shells and sand so either one will be a winner. I'm excited to spend the day together. It's funny that we could have all went to the museum or beach a few weeks ago and didn't have to worry about a newborn and what we would do with her.

More Kids:

Mr. LTM is nuts and has mentioned more kids once or twice already. We don't have any more frozen embryos left so that idea is out. I did keep myself on Mr. LTM insurance just incase we needed the infertility coverage. The coverage has changed but because we are on the plan still, we are supposed to be grandfathered-in. That means we'd have two full IVF cycles left if we were interested. I don't know, I'm 36. I'm getting up there. I know age isn't everything but I feel like we already had our kids kind of late. In addition, we are living in a two bedroom house which I am not appreciating right now. Everything seems so small with two kids and all of their crap laying around. I'm sure Mr. LTM is on a newborn high, so we'll see if he changes his mind. I think he will.

Dino baby awaits again! She just ate an hour ago and is ready to eat again. Oh my!

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Katib77 said...

I was without a computer (and phone ap for blogger sucks!) So I missed her arrival! Congrats on the new Little B!