June 12, 2014

Week 36 Update

Just got back from my 36 week checkup! Everything is looking good, which is great. On the contraction monitor the doctor said I had one rather big contraction, but I didn't feel it! I also had an ultrasound to check position and baby is head down and ready to go. Last week she was still transverse, so we made some progress there! I'm still a little anemic and will continue iron, but my Group B Strep was negative, yay for that!

Today was my last day of school and things are now starting to feel real. All of a sudden the hormones are kicking in. I'm realizing that Brooklyn is really growing up and it sucks. She is so, so sweet though. We can't even stand it. She makes up songs about how much she loves us. She tells me I'm her best friend. She says daddy is the  best daddy because he always makes time for her. Seriously, this girl is amazing. I cannot imagine loving another child like this, but I know I will. How do you even deal with loving kids this much? It's crazy. Makes me pissed that people have to struggle to have babies... everyone who wants to experience parenthood should be able to.

My next check up is in a week. I cannot believe I will have two little girls in about a month's time. Thank you reproductive medicine.

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