September 22, 2013

227 Shots to Go!

Yes I'm that big of a freak and counted the total amount of shots that I'll be taking. I was being conservative though, I didn't even count the flu shot that I got today!

Tomorrow morning I start my Lupron injection. I had the paperwork all set out tonight so I could review the directions for this type of injection. I do remember that the needle is small and the shot is rather easy, however I remember the injection site would get itchy after a few days! Also, I totally remember telling people that I was " Loopy on Lupron" with my IVF. I think it kept me up at night and I remember a lot of night sweats and being hot. Oh no! I just remembered lots of nights that I slept on the couch! 

There is so much to talk about in the numbers update. Although I'm on my iPad and it's more difficult to type! A our injects class on Thursday we learned that our RE office is now using assisted hatching with all procedures. That is a laser technique where they split the outside layer of the embryo to help it shed and implant. It's  also supposed to increase success rates. Now I'm wondering if we transfer two, should we only use assisted hatching on one? From my reading this procedure is more necessary in frozen transfers because the freezing process actually toughens up the embryo's outer shell. Now that we know the process, we can make even more of an informed decision.

Alright, t minus 8 hours until injection one! Thanks for reading!

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