September 23, 2013

I Think I'm Funny

Is that okay? I feel like my own blog is rather funny. Last night I went back and read a lot of my previous posts And seriously, I was cracking up. Some of those earlier posts really had a sarcastic wit to them! Some still make me laugh and some still make me cry, but nevertheless I'm lucky to have this entire journey documented. 

Okay you want the details from this morning! The Lupron  shot was easy peasy. I did forget how hard it is to inject yourself though, and then move your hand down the needle so you can push the liquid into your own skin. I also forgot my skin stretches when I pull the needle out and it looks like my skin is attached the needle! Vom!

And FET is a lot different different than a IVF cycle. First of all, the guy pretty much does nothing this time around. Mr. LTM did avoid a throat punch though because he Did ask if I did my injection this morning! Hey, at least he remembered! Also I feel like I need a lot more notes this time to make sure I take the right medications on the right days. I put a giant calendar on the refrigerator, wrote each medication on the correct day, and used checkboxes so I can check each med off as I take it. Good thing I love organization!

Tomorrow is Accupuncture session two. I need to post about how I have not learned to relax!


Heather said...

Haha I did an excel spreadsheet for the FET. Totes different than a IVF cycle. Not saying easier, just different. Glad the shot was easy.

Katib77 said...

Hey girl - you'd asked on my blog about my timing, and I thought I'd answer here. My ETA for ER is Oct. 1st with 5dt at Oct 6th. As for donating anything to my 75 gals, you can find me on FB if you want, my married last name is Krajewski. Good luck!! (And yes I do actually spell Kati with no e).