March 3, 2013

Birthday, Birthday!

Check out that adorable ticker at the top of my page. I cannot believe that Brooklyn is almost two years old. Man, the time just flies by. It's weird, but I always think about my IVF journey with her and not so much her birthday milestones. I always remember these milestones insead:

March 2010: Rock bottom. Feeling like shit. I will for sure never have a baby. Everyone sucks because they can have a baby and I can't. Why does life hate me?

April 2010: Mr. Later Than Most has infertility insurance coverage. . . okay, things may get a little better.

May 2010: First appointment at the IVF Institute. I start crying as I walk in the door. How is it that life has gotten to this point? What will the doctor say? Dr. recommends IVF and asks insurance to bybass required round of clomid. 0% morphology will surely not grant us much success on a medicated IUI round.

July 2010- I'm smuggling IVF drugs to family events and stabbing myself in bathrooms. I can get used to this.

End of July- Freaking out the night before by blood work to see if the IVF worked. I breakdown and POS- BFP. . . . Holy Fricking Crap.

And the rest is history, peeps. Yes, and SCH here and a few bleeding episodes there, but that little ticker up there reminds me that my little miracle is almost two years old (and almost up from her nap!).

And from the previous post: Brooklyn looked at the soles of her Uggs the other day and saw a circular logo. She pointed to it and said, "Mom, my Uggs are loading!" Hahahaha, if you have an iPad or an iPhone, you can appreciate that comment :)

Got to love her!

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