March 11, 2013

It's Starting

GAH! That moment I always hated when I was a mommy bachelorette. . . "Soooo, when are you going to have kids?" Total vom. Mind your business people! Lately a lot of my friends are on "number two." Not potty talk here people. Kid number two and so  the questions have started. "Are you guys having more kids?" "Will Brooklyn have a brother or sister?"

And I know you are thinking to youself, "So yea, are you?" Good question. I'm not lying here, but I know Mr. LTM and I are truly still scarred from the whole two years of trying and not getting a baby. Mr. LTM has made it pretty clear that if there were a second, we are going straight to IVF. I understand that. TTC almost ruined our relationship, so why not skip to the good stuff? We have two snowbabies. For those of you new to the lingo, that means we have two frozen embryos (egg and sperm already joined). This means we'd need to meet with an RE, see if one of these babes would make the thaw, and then attempt to transfer one on over. So, should we?

We have all the the wrong reasons to not do it. 1. Our house is too small. 2. Brooklyn and baby would have to share a room. 3. Where the hell are we going to put more baby stuff? 4. I can't drink wine when I'm pregnant. Ok, that one was thrown in for fun. But seriously, the other three reasons seem valid to us.

In all honesty, we haven't talked about "number two" in a while, but I keep thinking that I'd need to try a frozen transfer this summer to have number two born after Brooklyn turns three. And so the thinking begins! Bet you can't wait to follow those posts!

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