February 28, 2013

So Cliche

I hate cliches but today I found myself explaining the Terrible Twos to Mr. Later Than Most. I really don't think he knows what he's getting in to. If you forgot about Mr. Later Than Most, then you forgot that we are soooooooooo (47 more 's) different. I'm very "read and research" when it comes to kids and finding any info I need in life. He's more. . . well, just not me! So far we are handling Brooklyn's tantrums, bossiness and fits in similar ways. We are both caring and understanding and then we both give each other a look that says,  "*OLY S&$T." Brahahahaha.

Brooklyn is very verbal, so the terrible twos may look a little different for us. Her verbal language is actually scary to me, and any school teacher mother would probably feel the same way. I don't really want a "smart" kid. I see the trouble they get into and Mr. LTM got into a ton in school. I'm hoping that Brooklyn is just a little more advanced now and then evens out in a few years. But truly, her conversations make her Terrible Two fits a little more frustrating for us. It's always, "I can't do that mom" or "I have to do it my way." So, she can talk it through but of course, she has no rationality at 22 months. For now, I've decided to read Parenting With Love and Logic and 1,2,3 Magic. Hopefully those books will give me some tips.

See, there I go reading again!

Coming tomorrow: I'll tell you how Brooklyn's Uggs are like an iPad.

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