March 4, 2013

Friends with "S"

How long have you been following my blog? Go back to one of the earlier posts marked "Retrieval Day." Remember that young couple in the office that was having retrieval when I was? Yea, I'm still friends with S.

It's literally like a Hollywood film. Two couples just struggling with infertility. Both couples about the same age and living their lives just 10 miles apart. They go through IVF and see each other in the office of the IVF institute. The girls see each other again and pregnancy test blood retrieval dates.  One day online, their "stars" cross (OMG, if S is reading this she may think I've turned lesbian. Nothing wrong with that, but I'm just trying to make my post so Hollywood!).

Anywho- One day two years ago I'm chilling on my favorite infertility and pregnancy website. I get a private message from a girl who is all, "Um, did you just have IVF at Dr. Miller? I swear you are the girl that I saw in his office a couple of times." BAM! We've been friends ever since! Totes Hollywood. . .right?

So, S's girls will be two this coming weekend! Brooklyn is sooooo excited! They are like little besties. I mean, they've been hanging out since Brooklyn was about 4 weeks old. It's so fun to look back at pictures of them when they were newborns. Brooklyn has a photo book of the three of them. She loves seeing pictures of them as babies together. I'm totally sure S and I could do some reality show or Maury Povich show of our story. Lucky for us, we both struggled with IF together and three beautiful miracles to show for it. Yay!

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