May 1, 2012


If I remember back to all of those days that I wanted a baby, I wanted just that, a baby. Never once was I thinking ahead to all of the heartache that kids cause you. I mean, I know the day will come when Brooklyn is in middle school, ditches class, and ends up at the mall. This isn't the heartache. It's the kind that the mother of a sick child goes though. I've been following little Avery's blog as most of you had, and I'm extremely sad today as Avery lived her last day yesterday. I couldn't read the whole blog today, it's too hard. And I do know that's selfish of me. But those pictures make me cry my eyes out. Her parents have been very clear on how they don't want people to feel sorry for Avery or the family, but I'm going to have to break their rule.

We spent some of last night at the doctor with Brooklyn, but today that's not important. I can blog about it later. If you can muster the courage and haven't already, head over to Avery's blog. While your at it, send some extra prayers to the family.

Avery, you are one precious little angel my dear. Thanks for educating us.

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