May 4, 2012


So about this week:

On Monday Brooklyn and I get home from a regular day of work and nannysitter. I'm changing her diaper and wtf is that? Seemingly two protrusions (next to each other) in her groin area kinda near her thigh. FML, another problem. I press on it and she cries so right away I figure this is going to be the start of a Monday night journey. I call my mom and ask her what a hernia looks like. I had a double hernia removed at the ripe old age of 2, so I thought it could be that. What my mom describes is EXACTLY what I see. You have to be kidding me.

After a call to the doctor's office the nurse can't decided if I should bring Brooklyn in or not. She asked me if the bump was from fastening a diaper. I was proud of myself for not asking her if she thought I was an idiot. Either way, they called back and wanted to see her right away. We arrive at 7:15 for our 7:45 appointment but they don't actually see us until 8:30. Brooklyn's bedtime is 6:00pm. She was in good spirits until she saw the doctor. As soon as she saw the doctor she broke out in a sweat and turned a bright shade of red. Mr. LTM thought she was choking. The doctor said that Brooklyn easily remember her last appointment (with the cath) and that she was probably nervous. It sucks to watch your kid panic.

So, a long exam and they rule out hernia because it actually wasn't a tender area. It appears Brooklyn seems to think that we'll keep doing horrible exams on her so she cries when we are touching her, not from pain. Poor dear. Our diaper changes have been a real challenge. So, the diagnosis looks to be swollen lymph nodes, hopefully from the UTI. The doctor seemed to think we should have noticed them already and that it was late to be UTI related, but I'm over that by now. She said that maybe she's fighting something else and that our bodies are "always fighting cancer cells." OMFG, who says that? Thanks doc. Thanks for sending me into a temporary panic, because I'm not a worrier enough already.

I left the appointment crying. It's always something. They see us again on May 9 for the follow-up UTI appointment. They'll check the swollen lymph nodes and make sure they have not gotten bigger. They'll also do the catheter again (poor baby) to check the urine. Also, they'll have me schedule her ultrasound and dye test. They want to make sure everything is in tip top shape.

When I got home I drank about a half a bottle of wine and felt much better. I know that sounds weird but it really does take the edge off. The good news is that today I didn't really see those bumps anymore. I even pushed Brooklyn's legs down (that's how I first found them. A struggle during a diaper change.) and didn't see anything. So, I'm hoping that they are gone and that I just didn't miss seeing them. The even better news is that she acts 100% normal and is the cutest thing ever. She says "good girl" now and points to herself. How could you not adore that?


Heather said...

What?? I can comment again?? I have been thinking of Miss B & I will continue to keep her in my thoughts...poor babe. Glad she is acting better! We will have to set something up soon..last time I saw you was when I was 20 weeks pregnant!!

*Traci Jean* said...

Oh goodness that is an ordeal. I am so glad Miss B is feeling better and the bumps seem to be getting better. I am so sorry you have to see her suffer and go through all of this but she is so young so won't remember. You are an amazing momma! Hang in there! xoxo