May 13, 2012

Screw You, Technology

Did you ever see that Google Chrome commercial with the new dad? It came out right around the time Brooklyn was born. The point was that this dad had emailed his baby and sent her videos and then she was suddenly all grown up. The email allowed them to see what they had sent over the years.

I was inspired and did that. The commercial made me cry so many tears as I thought about Brookie growing up so fast. So, I started my journey after she was a couple of weeks old. I sent her messages, videos and pictures from my cell phone. Some of the videos I sent were from my old cell phone and I sent them as a way to recover them before it died.

I'd like to throw up as I tell you that I made a rookie mistake and didn't login to Brooklyn's email for over four months. Yahoo automatically deleted our account, and I've lost all of my documentation, pictures, messages to my baby. I'm soooooooooo sad. I hope someone can learn from my mistake.

I'm off to email Yahoo anyway. Even though their policy says they can't recover, I do have a lot to lose.


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