April 27, 2012


This week was crazy busy, but I'm happy to report that Miss B is feeling much better. Her fever finally broke on Saturday night, and we got a healthy baby back. We are still giving her the antibiotics that were prescribed, but she's better!

I was so distracted with my own awful dentist appointment (thank you pregnancy) that I never posted her test results. It turns out that her UTI infection was an Ecoli strain, and that is totally normal. So, we should have nothing to worry about! YAY! She needs to go back for a check-up on the 9th, but it turned out to be the best case scenerio. Obviously, we are very happy about that!

Since her sickness, she really hadn't been drinking anything. Now at her age, she shouldn't be as dependent on milk, but she still should be drinking. She was really only taking like 3 to 5 ounces a day. I was for sure prepared to take her back to the doctor when I finally had an idea. I switched her bottle and gave her formula again. I'm happy to report that she is not throwing her milk bottles at us anymore and she's guzzling them down. As great as that is, now that she's drinking, she less of a crab! OMG! We had some days there where I was just waiting for her bedtime to roll around so I could get away from her constant complaining! How bad is that? But now, she's rather happy again. She still tells us "no" but we all know that is normal. So back on formula we go. I bought the toddler kind and I'll only let her go through about one can. Then I'll try to wean her back to milk. We really are thinking that her milk avoidance is from her throwing it up in chunks last week. I'm not too sure if I blame her.

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