April 17, 2012

Sick Baby and Tons of Crap

Ok, that title is once again a little misleading, but I have to lure my readers back in somehow!

Yea so Miss B is sick. Well, not really sick just fever sick. This has happened several times. She has nothing wrong with her and then starts running a fever of about 103. I would tell you that it is teeth related, but my pedi says she doesn't believe in that stuff. Uh, "believe in?" I mean, it's not Santa It's a fever. So, I'm playing the Advil Alternate Tylenol game because I don't want her to be uncomfortable.

Ok, onto "tons of crap." I have so much baby crap!!! Do I sell it? I don't know if there will be a baby number two. I mean, if Mr. LTM comes home with one more Wendy's Spicy Chicken while I'm counting calories, I may have to get rid of him. No seriously, so far I've been selling a lot of stuff. I mean, if I did have a second baby, it could be a boy. So, I've been reselling my girl stuff. And if I had another girl, I'll just rebuy things. Come on, you've seen my shopping problem from previous posts. I'd love rebuying stuff. Oh, and I promise to rebuy things that are second hand. Then I won't seem like such a nutso!

I've got some sleepsacks and my car seat adaptor for my beloved City Mini on Craiglist. I can't decide if I should list my rocker. It truly takes up more room than we have (my house is like 900sq ft), but every time I think about listing it, I picture my nights of rocking Brooklyn to sleep in it when she was just bitty. I think I've connected too much emotion to it, so it may have to stay. Plus, I keep thinking that maybe she'll want to read books in it when she can climb into it herself!

Be ready for my next post this week. I need to really think if I'm ready for baby #2 and a summer IVF. I go to my doctor on Monday and it was the office that makes my referral to the IVF Institute. I really need to think about this!

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