April 26, 2011

The Pumping is About Done

Gah, damn pumping. I'm still getting maybe a half an ounce per session, and that's with the Fenugreek. So annoying. Today I only had enough for B to get one bottle. Better than nothing, but it seems my time is about done. My goal is to pump until Friday, then B will have had 3 weeks of some sort of breast milk in her system.

I'm getting used to life in shifts. My shift is from 11pm to well, technically Mr. Later Than Most gets home from work. Right now his grandmother is here helping, so I've been able to get some sleep from about 6am to 10am, which is nice. I'm of course wondering how in the world I'm going to do this next week by myself. But, it gets done. Single moms, teen moms, married moms. . . every one does it. It'll come with time I'm sure.

Because of my 11pm shift, I nap from 8pm to 11pm and it's about that time. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter :)

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