October 16, 2013

Yup, I Cried

Damn that damn ass shot! I was sooooo nervous. I got it all prepped. Then I told Mr. Later Than Most that I was going to do it myself. Then I totally chickened out and cried. Ha! Finally, I realized I couldn't insert the needle at the right angle, so I had to have him do it. It was a big one all right!
Progesterone in Oil needle. 22 gauge

Don't you think that's big? It is! So that has to go into the upper quadrant of my butt. The needle has to go ALL THE WAY IN. Yes you read that correctly. It's an inch and a half long. Ouch. There is a little pain afterward. If you have ever received a flu shot, you know the pain you feel in your arm afterward. That's what my ass feels like right now. It's only for 14 weeks and twice a day. No. Big. Deal.

The good news is that my blood results today were fab. My estrogen was 229. My progesterone level was .23 and my lining was 12.3! Yay!

Tomorrow I'll do one ass shot again and then the number goes up to two a day from there on out. I will also start an oral steroid tomorrow to prevent any infections. I'm also on an antibiotic. Today was my last day of Lupron, so let's hope the "tings" go away. 

On Saturday the RE's office will call and give me all of the final details for Monday's big transfer. This is starting to get real!

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