October 17, 2013

More Ass

Shot two was interesting. It had to be on the opposite side.  I really want to do these myself, but I know I cannot get a good 90° angle on the left side. So I had to have my husband do it. The anticipation of waiting for the shot kills me. That's normally when I start to cry. Yep... Again. I rubbed that spot for 10 minutes and sat on the heating pad for 40. And now instead of one sore ass cheek, I have to sore ass cheeks. Here's the kicker… I found out the truly have to be 12 hours apart. So now I have to take shot tomorrow at 8:45 AM.  Are you wondering where I will be at 8:45 AM? I will be teaching a class of third-graders! So I will have to find somebody to cover my classroom so I can go into the bathroom for 10 minutes and shoot myself in the ass. I mean, how time-consuming is this? Two shots a day. Husband and I are supposed to go on a date tomorrow night. Guess I'll have to leave the table so I can go shoot myself in the ass again. 

Yep! I literally feel like a three ring circus. 

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