October 15, 2013

I'm Drinking Tonight

Well, besides the tingles I have always heard that it's not a good idea to drink when you are doing injections for infertility treatments. I mean, if anyone needs to drink it's those of us who have to be reminded daily that a natural conception isn't happening. Especially during my IVF, I really needed a wine buzz every now and then. The thing I've noticed this cycle is that I have a lot of sleepless nights. Now, it's probably the Lupron (which ends tomorrow!!!!), but I've slept many nights on the couch because I'm tossing and turning. I did notice that this seems to be worse right around the time I'm supposed to change my meds. For instance, the night before my Lupron changed from 10u to 5u, I barely slept a wink. It's like I was worried I would forget. Though I took a black permanent marker and wrote it on the box, I was still sleepless.

As mentioned, the ass shots start tomorrow. This is why I'm drinking! I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight! I have a blood and ultrasound appointment at 7am tomorrow. If all checks out well I will start my PIO shots tomorrow night. I don't want to think about that all night tonight, so a little Cab should help.

Speaking of PIO, let me back up a little. Did I mention that one of my good friends is doing an FET at the same time???? Do you remember Amanda? You loved her, right? She was the one who went to a bachelorette party with me and we were two infertiles living a miserable life. Then two preggos showed up and demanded all of everyone's attention at the bachelorette party. Amanda and I tried to hang ourselves with random objects such as cell phone charges. We took pictures to document our agony. Also, while attending her sister in laws wedding, we may have pretended to "spank" the bed of a pregnant friend. Yes it makes no sense, but give us a break! It was fun! Anywho- Amanda is four weeks behind me in the process and we both go to the same RE (because I referred her!). She has a one year old already from her IVF. So tonight we are texting each other back and fourth about our upcoming PIO shots. Imagine her face when she learned from me that we have to do the shots TWICE a day. She was like, "OMG, are you kidding me right now?" Um, no Amanda. According to the directions, that "one and a half inch" needle needs to go all the way into your skin. TWICE A DAY.

Does anyone else feel like I'm unqualified for this process? I mean, I'm just a lonely third grade teacher with three college degrees, all in education. Now I have to be my own nurse? Who am I kidding? I can't reach my own ass. Mr. Later Than Most is doing the ass shots. And in true Mr. LTM fashion, he has read none of the paperwork and the first injection is about 24 hours away. Seriously, what did I see in this guy? I'm totes joking! But anyone who knows me in real life knows that I'm very organized, structured and a total researcher. Waiting till the last minute would literally make me vom.

So I'll answer the question you've been waiting for. . . yes I will write a post after ass shot #1 tomorrow night. Sigh. Anything for you dear reader!


Katib77 said...

I am dreading PIO - like for serious! And I will have to figure out how to do them myself as I really don't think the hubs had the balls for that. Good luck with your ass shot!!

BBColt78 said...

Hi Kati! I got the first one down! I'll be your PIO buddy. I cried in anticipation but I assure you, the sting from the injects from IVF or the HCG trigger is equal to the sting from the PIO. The anticipation was the worst!