April 20, 2013


The big second birthday party was last weekend and boy, I'm still trying to get my energy back. I blame Pintrest for all the fab ideas that I HAD to make.

Brooklyn's favorite show is SuperWHY! Which is on Sprout. She doesn't watch much TV but she has liked this show for a very long time. Naturally, I had to go and make everything to match this awesome show. We bought items and made decorations for weeks. One of my favorite days was when Brooklyn and I were putting M&Ms in little containers for her friends. She turned to Mr. LTM and says, "Daddy! Look what I'm making for all of my friends!" She was so proud of herself!

We had the party at the local children's museum. At $9.00 a person I probably shouldn't have invited 43 people, but I didn't think they would all come. I was right, only 40 came!!! I never showed by husband the receipt for that party!

Brooklyn had a great time! She loved seeing all of her little friends and ate way too many treats. I normally don't allow her to have sweets, but that day she had cake, cookies and Alpha-Bits bars. Don't worry, I served fruit too! OK, whatevs. . . here are some pics!

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