April 22, 2013

Stop Being an A-Hole

It's National Infertility Week. Infertility affects 1 in 8. I am one in 8.

If you have followed my blog, not only are you a Saint, but  you know that I'm in the infertility closet. That means that almost no one knows of our struggle and not one single family member. This is why my blog was created. . . I needed an outlet and this is it.

Ok so my point. . . I don't want you to be an a-hole. If I explicitly tell you how to avoid being one, then perhaps you will try with all of your inner strength to not be an a-hole. Wonder if you are one?

Have you ever told someone to drink and they will get pregnant? You are an a-hole.

Did you ever tell someone they could get pregnant if she put her legs in the air for 45 minutes? You are an a-hole.

Did your lips spew these words. . . "Relax and it will happen!" Giant a-hole.

How about, "You can always adopt." Big fat, fricken a-hole.

I'm really not being funny and you may even be insulted by what I wrote. If so, fine. And if you struggled with infertility, I know you have my back. You literally banged your wine glass to your iPhone screen in a "cheers sister" fashion when reading my tips.

Try not to be an a-hole. Your comments hurt. They really truly hurt. Guess what? They hurt even when us Infertility Jerks (read prior post) already have kids. Yup, I have a TWO year old. A two year old and when someone asks me if I drank, the answer is yes. Yes. I drank so much that I'm lucky Mr. Later Than Most didn't commit me :) Yes we thought about adopting. It scared us to death to think that someone could possibly take our child away. And for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND PLENTY. I did a shit ton of relaxing. I relaxed with a pillow up my shirt, envisioning that I was pregnant and getting a massage. How much more relaxed can I be than that shit?

 Please don't be an a-hole. And if you are an infertility sister and you  make these comments, we just call you a bitch behind your back :)


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Katib77 said...

Ha! I wish I saw this an hour ago because my FB post was just on what to say and what not to say to IF'ers. I wish I could have thrown "Don't be an a-hole!" on the end of it. Love it.