April 9, 2013

She's Two!

Wow! My life is going by so incredibly fast. According to that ticker up there (which I now need to update!) my little blessing is two years old! I cannot believe how fast the time goes by. I remember every single mother telling me to enjoy those baby moments while you can, because they grow up so fast. Cliche but true.

Two years and my infertility past is still at the front of my mind. Each day I'm so thankful for modern science and that it has allowed me to become a mommy. Life has truly treated me well. Did you know that I'm friends with Brooklyn's embryologist on FaceBook? How is that for irony? We had the same birthday so we hit it off at my retrieval... right before they drugged me and knocked me out. :)

When July rolls around each year, I always remember how that's the month I was "shootin up" my IVF drugs. August reminds me that I found out my IVF worked. Christmas reminds me that I finally, finally had a 25 week pregnant bump to sport. February reminds me that I once had a baby shower that I waited for, for a very long time. And finally, April. The birth of Miss B! Long and agonizing, but worth every minute.

Brooklyn amazes us every day. She is so sweet! A few weeks ago she randomly started saying, "Momma, I love you very, very much!" OH. MY. GOD. Bless her little heart. Yesterday was her second birthday. I watched her blow out her "2" candle and it brought tears to my eyes. She was so excited to have everyone singing to her. Watching her little face reminds me that she is not a baby any more.

I'm not sure what's on the horizon for Mr. LTM and I. I would like to look into a frozen embryo transfer and try for one more child. Mr. LTM is still scarred from IVF and the rough delivery that his niece went through. I feel like I need one more child or I will literally smother Miss B! Either way, I just turned 35 and feel like I need to get an idea of where life is heading for me, Mr. LTM, and our wonderful, awesome, beautiful Miss B.

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Katib77 said...

Happy birthday to Miss B!