November 14, 2011

Whoops! That Was Long!

I truly have every intention of keeping this blog updated. I mean, I'm very interested in blogging, I just keep forgetting to get on here.

Check out that ticker. . . Brooklyn is 7 months old. SEVEN MONTHS. One thing I learned, at seven months your sweet baby is gone and you get this tiny thing that acts like a baby but previews what the teen years will be like. In other words, this baby has a major tude.

I'm very aware that it was just a blog or two ago that I was bragging at how well-behaved my kid is. And for the most part, she is a great baby. But holy smokes I've seen some interesting tantrums lately! Mr. Later Than Most and I are horrible. . . we actually laugh, which is not a good idea. I mean, how can you not laugh at a little baby who kicks and complains and then two minutes later is laughing at whatever you do? Today she was throwing a fit in her high chair. I hid behind the kitchen counter and popped up from another spot in the kitchen and said, "Boo!" Then she goes from fit to laughing hysterically. You gotta love babies!

Work has been hectic. Getting out the door in the morning takes every ounce of organization I have. Then keeping a clean house is another thing. I know a ton of people do it, and I give them credit. I think the struggle is that I really want to be good at whatever I do. So, I want a clean and organized house. I want a clean classroom with all of my things organized and lessons arranged perfectly. Ahhhh, there it is. PERFECT. That's what's not possible but I keep trying to get things that way. I'm sure it's a constant battle for all working moms. Somethings you have to give up on, and others you don't. So, lately I've given up on the cleaning. Don't worry, I won't qualify for Hoarders. I just wait to do my chores. :)

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Teresa said...

i know how you feel.. you work all week only to have to waste one of your weekend (days that are meant for being a hands on mum) to clean house.. drives me mad too.. i think now i have it down pat for 20% of the time..LOL.. and the other 80%.. well too bad i say.. a messy house can wait when the kids need a mum...usually i aim to get up early on Saturdays... clean and wash clothes until lunch and then Saturday afternoons and Sundays are spent playing with the kids.. which of course only works when it isn't report card, exam marking or any other school-busy time of the year.... so glad teachers have good hols.. by the end of term four im missing my babies like crazy and craving the quality time that a lot of mothers take for granted... but i just remind myself.. Emily and Ben wont remember this time of their lives and they will be so much better off for me putting in the hard yards now.. not that that makes it any easier some days... Oh and the organization in the morning is a killer at 7 months old.. but hang in there.. it gets easier.. when shes 2 and older, she will feed herself and at 3 and 4 even dress herself and life begins to go back to anyway enough blabbering for me... im think im still hyped up as i just saw breaking dawn.. best twilight movie by far... :-) PS couldn't find you on fb.. sorry