October 11, 2011

6 Month Stats and Picture Update!

Well, I did it! I pretended to be a photographer and it didn't go half bad. I know most of you that I'm friends with can see some of the pics from Facebook and I think you may agree! I MADE Mr. Later Than Most help me with the photo shoot. We were at his family's property down in rural Illinois. And yes, I said rural. Combines and everything. We drove an ATV around looked for colored leaves and set them up. I bought a black cloth at Hobby Lobby to use as a prop for Brooklyn to sit on. I used my $4 Walmart pumpkin and what do you know? The pictures didn't come out half bad! Ok wait, there was one casualty. I ironed on my rhinestone 6 and one of the damn stones feel off. I was so pissed!!!! You can totally tell too when you look at the picture! See for yourself!

So how annoying is that? Gah! That iron-on cost me $3 and the onesie $4. It's not too bad I guess. And even if it is, at least I semi got the pic I was looking for. Oh and don't judge my photography skills on that one pic. The others came out rather well!

So, today Brooklyn had her 6 month doctor appointment! Her stats:

15.5 pounds. As the doctor calls her. . . . a peanut. 34%ile for weight. But, 27 1/4 inches long and that's the 89%ile for height. If you've seen her pic, she has a round head! LOL 89%ile for head too. The doctor said she has a "nice round head." Good think that pumpkin I had bought was a taller one that was thin. I wouldn't want my kid's head next to a pumpkin to avoid any confusion!

Brooklyn didn't enjoy her shots today. Well, she never enjoys them but today she wasn't having a lot of the appointment. First, it was at 4pm. That's mini nap time. Her solid feeding is at 5pm and as you know, bed around 6pm. So today was a real schedule cluster. She did fine though. She smiled for any person that gave her 30 seconds of attention. She tore the paper on the exam table to smithereens. She talked to the doctor and took off her stethoscope. We enjoyed laughing at her, that's for sure!

The good news is that the doctors, once again, think she's doing great. This I cannot hear enough of. Those are reassuring words and let me know that I'm on the right track as a mom. I've said it before and I'll say it again. . . if she would have given me a sticker, this would be one happy teacher!

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Teresa said...

ahhh bugger about the rhinestone but 100% truthfully i would not have noticed until i read it and had a closer look... Still very cute..Glad the pics turned out well and that she is doing fine... :-)