September 24, 2011


I literally have the best baby. Truly, I'm not just saying that. This is the most easy going baby, and even strangers tell me how lucky we are. And oh yes, this does get annoying.

So we knew we were lucky the minute Mr. Later Than Most's mom stayed with us for Brooklyn's first week. She constantly made comments on how quiet Brooklyn was and how happy she seemed to be. Comments continue from my sisters, my mom, his family, and pretty much most strangers in Target (because I'm there daily.) As you've noticed in my posts,  I'm that annoying person who researches and learns about everything. So, I like to give myself a little credit for this happy go lucky baby! I mean, I did read like five sleep books. Isn't that why my kid sleeps about 13 hours at night? Also, I read every development and milestone book out there. This is why I know how "on track" my kid is. Yes, yes, my head was getting big. Until I read a little comment the other day in Your Baby Week By Week. In week 23 it said, "Your baby now cries only 2 1/2 hours a day." What the hell? Babies cry for 2 1/2 hours a day? Who the heck wants a baby that cries that much? Are you kidding me?

Yes people, reality check. My kid goes days without crying. I thought it was totally normal. I read that and literally started laughing out loud. My Brooklyn may only be 5 months old with North Face boots and Uggs (too spoiled is the point), but she sure is a good baby! And obviously, some of it (or most of it) is innate!


**Papps** said...

You're so lucky! I hope our LO is just like yours!!

Teresa said...

gee be gloating too if my babies were that good.. days without crying.. wtf.. i didn't think that was Enjoy it.. sounds awesome!