January 23, 2014

16 Weeks + Bump Pics

Ok, here I am! Wow, have I been that busy? Um no, it just took me forever to update. I haven't had any doctor's appointments lately and my next is not until January 27th for my regular OB checkup.

Each day I'm thankful that I have my own fetal heart monitor. The infertile mind never goes away and I check on that little baby every other day. I try not to do it too much but I know that I need to do it so I can be sane. I would say now-a-days it takes me about a minute or less to find the heartbeat and turn the monitor off. It's a great reassurance.

I feel really good now that I'm in the second tri. I have felt some movements the past two weeks, but they are really every few days. It also catches me off guard and I'm all, "Was that movement?" By the time I figure it out, it's gone! Hoping to feel the good stuff too.

At this point we've announced to everyone, including my third graders. I'm surprised they haven't asked me why I'm always out of breath during lessons!

Here is a few bump pictures to keep you entertained. Brooklyn does a great job!
12 Weeks

13 Weeks
14 Weeks
15 Weeks
16 Weeks
And yes I chopped my head-off on purpose. Gotta be internet safe!

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