May 13, 2013

My Third Mother's Day

Being a mom to Brooklyn is more than I ever thought it would be. The unconditional love is overwhelming. I hate cliches and such, but truly, being a mom changes you.

I read something online a few weeks ago, it may have been on FaceBook. It was this quote about a mom and her daughter (adult age) had told her she was pregnant. Her daughter was glowing and excited, but the mom felt sad. She was sad because she knew what her daughter would go through. Being a mother makes you vulnerable, worried and exposed. You worry every day.  Either way, the mother did not want her daughter to feel all of that. So, while she was happy that her daughter was pregnant, she was sad as well. It sounds weird, but totally makes sense.

My first Mother's day I held a one month old in my arms. Boy, was I a novice! I remember wanting her in a cute outfit for my first Mother's Day. A day that I didn't even shower, because I wanted a nap instead. Last year Brooklyn was more interactive on Mother's day, but didn't understand the concept. It was fun to play with her all day and enjoy her company. This year, Brooklyn thought Mother's day was a party! She must have said it nine times. She and Mr. LTM went out to buy flowers and Starbucks. All day she asked me how my day was. It was amazing.

Today Brooklyn told me that I was cute and that I was her "sweetie." We read this book called "We Belong Together" and inside there are pictures of things that go together: bacon and eggs, pencil and paper, fork and spoon, hot chocolate and marshmallows, peanut butter and jelly. When we read the book she points to the pictures of things that go together and says, "That's you mommy, and this is Brookie. We love eachother." Then, when she went bed tonight she said, "Good night, peanut butter." OMG! Melt. My. Heart. Seriously. As a teacher, you'd think that once in a while I might think that I was put on this Earth to teach kids and make a difference. But sometimes I think I was put on this Earth just to be her mother. Thank you IVF, for making this part of my life possible.


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