July 20, 2011

Three Months

Well, I'm late, but Miss Brooklyn is three months old. Where the frick did that time go? This must be what everyone talks about when they say, "enjoy it while you can." We've really been enjoying it, that's why I haven't posted in so long!

B and I are spending a ton of time with S and the girls. It's just too fun! Yesterday I had all three of them lined up on the rug and I was talking to them. They were each making noises back to me and just staring at me. It was the cutest thing. I think Brooklyn knows she has friends. She just stares at each one of them when they play together. I love it! S and I can't wait until they can really interact. OMG- the other day they were all sucking on each other's hands. Miss B was sucking on M's hand and M was sucking on N's hand. It was sooooo funny. We should've taken a pic, but we almost peed our pants watching them. You'd think they have no toys.

Speaking of toys, I'm out of control. Amazon and I are way too good of friends. I'm always ordering stuff for B. Okay, I haven't ordered in like a week so I guess it's not really "always." But the stuff I buy, she just loves! How can you not? And, I don't want to go there on the clothes. Okay, but in my defense, I buy a lot of B's clothes used. So it's not like I'm paying full price. We have a chain of kids' stores that sell used clothing and they have great stuff. Actually, a lot of the stuff I buy still has the tags! That's why Mr. Later Than Most doesn't say too much. I think it's apparent that my Coach diaper bag was probably the last nice thing I will buy for myself. :)

On a more insane note, my friend had a little baby boy the other day. I didn't even see him in person, just a picture and now I want a boy. Son of a bitch! How does that happen? I swear, FaceBook is to blame for a lot of stuff.

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