February 26, 2011

I'm Here!

Okay, now that this baby is due soon, I'll be blogging more often!

It seems that everything is totally ready. The room is just about finished and we have everything we need. When I say everything, I truly mean it. You don't even want to know. Yes, it's my shopping. Besides having everything, I washed all of the baby clothes, sheets, and blankets. It's all ready and organized.

The baby classes are even done! We took a day-long birth class. I actually really liked it. Then again, I like anything with books and questions! Hehehehe. Last weekend we took a Baby Basics class. It was all about baby care. Truthfully, I didn't need that class one bit. It was Mr. Later Than Most that I thought could benefit. He did really great. First of all, he's much better at swaddling than I am. Also, he did all of the bathing of the fake baby and they made us hold the doll the whole time. He did that. Hehehe. Then, this week I dragged him to a Breastfeeding Basics class. Yes, he went. I kinda dreaded it myself so I'm sure it was torture for him. I already knew everything they had to say (from reading so many books) and the instructor was a bit weird to me. Mr. Later Than Most and I had a teeeny tiny argument during the class. Well, it all started because he said I corrected the instructor. Those who know me in real life would probably not be surprised by that. Hey, she needs to know her audience. I know how the human body works and apparently, she does not. During her presentation she asked when the baby's heart starts beating. I kindly raised my hand and said, "Six weeks." She says, "Nope." Um what? So, I said, "Oh, is six weeks when you can see it then?" She replied that it was. Now number one, is that arguing? So, I let it go.

On the way home I was like. Wait a freakin second. Why did I doubt myself? That lady, a nurse for 27 years, does not know the human body. At 3 weeks, fertilization takes place, there is no heart beat as the egg is not even attached yet. See IVF pays off. I know more than a nurse! Mr. Later Than Most was not impressed with the fact that I went home and Googled to prove her wrong. Success, 6 weeks is the exact answer, and that lady was a dingus. I'd email her, but I'm scared my husband would divorce me if I did. :)

So anyway- classes are over. Mr. Later Than Most needs to put the infant seat in and we are pretty much all set. The hospital bags are almost all packed. That took me forever last weekend. So, I really need to finish that up tomorrow.

In one week we are getting professional pictures taken. I figure that this could be my last kid, so I want as many pics as I can get. We have two frozen embies and Mr. Later Than Most keeps telling me that he thinks one kid is all we'll get. Not to mention it's one thousand bucks a year to keep those little ones frozen. Obviously, we're not ready to make that decision just yet.

As for dreams, I keep having dreams that I  have the baby early. Last night I finally had my first girl dream. Only a teacher would dream that her first kid would be two days old and crawling already. How weird is that?

Stay tuned for pics!

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